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org.joda.time Provides support for dates, times, time zones, durations, intervals, and partials. 

Uses of DateTimeComparator in org.joda.time

Methods in org.joda.time that return DateTimeComparator
static DateTimeComparator DateTimeComparator.getDateOnlyInstance()
          Returns a comparator that only considers date fields.
static DateTimeComparator DateTimeComparator.getInstance()
          Returns a DateTimeComparator the compares the entire date time value.
static DateTimeComparator DateTimeComparator.getInstance(DateTimeFieldType lowerLimit)
          Returns a DateTimeComparator with a lower limit only.
static DateTimeComparator DateTimeComparator.getInstance(DateTimeFieldType lowerLimit, DateTimeFieldType upperLimit)
          Returns a DateTimeComparator with a lower and upper limit.
static DateTimeComparator DateTimeComparator.getTimeOnlyInstance()
          Returns a comparator that only considers time fields.

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